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Welcome to our shared journey of growth, creativity, and transformation! As a Transpersonal Eco Art Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Guide, Adventure Therapist, Poet, Musician, Visual Artist, and Author, my offerings aim to guide us on transformative journeys. Together, we unlock the profound power of movement, art, meditation, and the natural world.

In my role as a Transpersonal Eco Art Therapist, we bridge the therapeutic power of creativity with deep ecological consciousness. Together, we dig beneath the surface of consciousness, unlocking our inner truths and facilitating profound healing through the expressive mediums of art, music, poetry, theatre, and movement.

When I offer meditation, our shared space becomes a sanctuary for the dynamic force infusing all of existence. Drawing upon ancient wisdom traditions and modern mindfulness techniques, we navigate towards a place of internal calm, clarity, and expansive non-dual awareness. This cultivates a deeper connection with the present moment, our authentic selves, and the intricate web of life.

In our shared yoga practice, we explore the pathway to self-discovery and cosmic union. We navigate the sacred union of consciousness, body, mind, self, and the universe, aligning our inner and outer worlds through conscious movement, breathwork, and mindfulness.

My artistic expressions in poetry, music, and visual art are open invitations for us all to journey into realms of self-reflection, realization, inspiration, and celebration. Each creation is a reflection of my ever-evolving heart and mind, revealing the beauty and interconnectedness of all life.

As an author, my writings delve into the realms of philosophy, spirituality, and personal transformation. These pieces aim to bridge the ordinary with the extraordinary, revealing the underlying unity that pervades existence. By sharing these insights and experiences, we kindle the spark of awakening within each heart.

Non-Dualism lies at the heart of my work and our shared practice. It teaches us that there is no separation between self and other, between the individual and the complexity of existence. By embracing Non-Dualism, we rise above duality and merge into our true essence of unity, joy, being, and peace.

If you're drawn to exploring consciousness, tapping into inner wisdom, and unleashing creative potential, you're warmly invited to join this transformative journey. Together, we'll dance with the cosmos, express the vibrations of existence, and discover the limitless joy that resides within us all.

Thank you for visiting this shared space.

Feel free to reach out if you are seeking to begin a mutually transformative journey together today, or simply just to connect :)


thank you, dear one :)

© Adam Maxwell 2022 - All Rights Reserved

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