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Hello fellow human. My name is Adam Maxwell. I identify as a seasoned Fine Artist and a budding Art Therapist living in Milwaukie, Oregon. My online presence exists as an ever evolving digital portfolio of  artworks and projects produced by my engagement with the creative process. I regard artmaking as a deeply healing process of play, exploration, and expression which yields personal (and dare I say it, collective) reflection, metaphor, meaning, awareness, acceptance, growth, motivation, commitment, appreciation, beauty , and most importantly, JOY! All that I present throughput my portfolios is personally powerful, significant, and stirring even though at times it may be disturbing. This is as the human condition is. We are balanced beings of dark depths and blindingly bright heights. I offer my artworks to the world in the enthusiastic spirit of sharing this journey we call life. I hope you enjoy. If you don't, that's okay too. I appreciate you no matter what. 

Thanks for visiting my site! :)

*Peep Mr. Moon looking beautiful as ever in that picture of us...aww*



THANK YOU /// I appreciate you

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